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Edwina performing "march" on the TED stage :) 


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"Maben’s journey through music is certainly striking. For Maben, songwriting has always been an important part of her life. Being a quieter child, songwriting really helped her in the expression of herself and became a very therapeutic experience, as she described, it was, “a way to express myself without needing to include too many people in it.” more


"Besides, Edwina's vocal performance is sublime, she knows to capture attention until the last note. Furthermore, I am also a big fan of the unique rhythms and the powerful chorus!"... read more

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"Edwina Maben spreads her wings, singing soulfully about the importance of self-improvement, self-consciousness and self-correction (Even in the midst of a complicated break-up). All in all, I love..." read more

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Edwina on Colorado and Company (9NEWS)

May 2019


 A+ Colorado was pleased to co-host the Arts Education for All Forum where Edwina performed and shared her more

Interview with artist, Edwina Maben

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      "I have had the privilege to witness Edwina come into this space and explore her own art as well as teach other students.

     Not only is she an amazing artist  but she has a great spirit in how she approaches art" ... read more

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...Within the past few months, however, her day-to-day life collided with the spotlight when she was selected as a top-five finalist from more than 9,000 applicants in the Guitar Center Singer Songwriter 6 more


Out of more than 9,000 entries submitted to the Guitar Center Singer Songwriter 6 contest, only five artists were selected to move on, and one of them is from more

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